The chest wedge helps to balance the body’s posture during the unnatural position of paddling in a prone position.

The upper back and lower back dedicate enormous amounts of energy to supporting the torso during this position. By elevating the chest, just a bit, you provide this motion with a big boost and advantage. Reduce the amount of strain and hyperextension of neck and back muscles with the Chest Wedge Surf Suit and Chest Wedge Insert.

  • -Elevate your surfing

  • -Comfortable paddling position.

  • -Eases paddling strain

  • -Paddle with longer strokes and power

  • -Functional paddling aid

  • -Rib padding, relieve rib pain surfing

  • -Relieve surf injuries

  • -Relieve neck strain

  • -Reduce bruised ribs

  • -Rib Support

  • -Rib Protection

** This product is not intended to be a PDF device, it does provide a small amount of beneficial floatation to the user. This product will not cure, treat or prevent any injury to the user. **