Pushing the stoke

Thanks for reading our blog page. I think all surfers will be surprisingly refreshed and surprised once they try the Chest Wedge Vest and Chest Wedge Insert

Surfing will always continue to push the riders technique and mastering the dance with natures energy. All while pushing the physical strengths of the surfer and his abilities to stay above the oceans incredible power.

Add to the repertoire of equipment, the Chest Wedge Surf Suit, it can only but put that edge on the paddling user, relieving unavoidable strains and repetative tensions through the upper body. Paddling and scrapping for waves is one of the most strenuous of activities when riding waves. Elevate the chest some, and it gets easier!

CHEST WEDGE SURF SUIT The 2 inch chest lift and support provided by the suit, ensures paddling support for the user. Giving paddle boarders and surfers the paddle aid, rib protection, rib padding, and back strain relief during time in the water. All awhile conserving the athletes energy and stamina, creating more time in the water. Surf stronger with less neck strain, shoulder strain and back strain. The padded vest gives the user undiniable comfort and relief for the prone paddling position, creating a natural paddling position.

Surfing with the chest of the surfer elevated adds a whole new ease of paddling and surfing waves. Also providing added chest and rib padding. Paddle boarders and surfers alike,  are discovering the repetitive  strain associated with years of a surfing and a water persons lifestyle. Alter the prone position while your paddling and feel a boost in energy ease while paddling. The padded vest provides comfort and a make sense solution to easing neck strain associated with surfing.